I) ISO 9001:1994 Certification

In line with the company objective to consistently monitor and improve the quality of the items we produce and coupled with the need to meet regulations imposed by statutory government bodies, the first step have been taken to obtain ISO 9001:1994 certification for the company. It is to assure our customer products are produced under a high total.

II) Product Diversification

A) Juvenile Product Line

From 1998 onwards, we have been started investing in the production of Juvenile Product besides injected toys. During 1999-2000, we have been producing different style of Juvenile Products, such as, Strollers, Bouncers, Swing, Soft Gate, Travel Tender, Rocker, Bassinet and so forth for our customers. Our quality and QC inspection have obtained high appreciation from customers.

B) Skateboard

During the end of 1999, we began to make skateboard under customers' design and thereafter we are going to launch our own skateboard lines in order to increase more variety in our own APOLLO product line.

C) Die Casting

Nowadays, customers, who engaged purely in injected toys previously are now keen on including die-cast models / collectible cars / toys in their product line. Therefore, in order to fulfill customers' demand, we started to make investment in die-cast business.

III) Manufacturing Resources Planning

In order to ensure proper manufacturing control, adequate resources allocation and on-time delivery to customers, we have implemented the advanced BPCS manufacturing resources planning (MRPII) management system in 1999.